Dana Point

by Michael Taylor


The city of Dana Point boasts what is often called the most picturesque shoreline in Southern California. Once home to arguably the best surf scene in the country, it now boasts one of the only harbors in Orange County, making it a hot spot for boaters and beachers alike.

The city was established by Hollywood royalty back in the 1920s, as the Los Angeles elite were looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Dana Point offered them not only scenic vistas and expansive shoreline, but close access to major highways and byways that would bring them back to LA without hassle. Although only 35 houses were built when the town was originally laid out, the city quickly expanded, but without losing it’s sense of paradise.

Dana Point soon became a haven for surfers and was known throughout the world for the massive swells that would crash onto Capistrano Beach. Although the surf has died down now that the harbor has been established, people can still hang ten along Dana Point’s expansive shoreline, or park their yacht at the beautiful marina.

The city also hosts numerous cultural events, including the Concours d’Elegance, which takes place on Dana Point’s world-class Monarch Beach Golf Links, and the Tall Ships Festival, the largest gathering of its kind on the West Coast, which visits the harbor every September.

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